Thanks to COMBA for the Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day event!

The Colorado Mountain Bike Association, a chapter of IMBA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and improving mountain biking on the Colorado Front Range. The organization is committed to being an advocacy voice for all mountain bikers, building and maintaining trails, teaching proper trail use, and working with government on land management decisions. Yesterday COMBA with the help of local and industry partners put on a great event getting kids outside and moving in the crisp fall air. The group of 5 to 6 year old’s I rode with had an absolute blast! They rode the kiddy lap three times and hooted and hollered on every downhill. The bonds that these little kids made over the fun of mountain biking was inspiring. Wouldn’t we all be a little more renewed in spirit if we spent more time in movement while having fun with our friends?

Mountain biking is all about flowing through nature on a human powered machine and having the most fun possible! Bicycles are often touted as the most efficient machines humans have ever built with MPG equivalents of around 1300MPG!!! We all know that kids these days need more of these kind of opportunities to become healthy well rounded adults. Backyard Revolutions supports human powered recreation as a key component of a regenerative lifestyle. Thanks again to everyone who organized this event that brought together the mountain bike community in support for KIDS having as much fun on bikes as some of us adults!!!

Check out COMBA’s website to learn more about what they are doing, how you can help out, or to become a member.

Math of Human MPG…