Food Gardens

We can help you grow food anywhere from seed to harvest! Our gardens use less water, require less maintenance, regenerate soil ecology and produce higher yields.


Raised Beds

Beautiful cedar raised beds built in any size or shape and filled with our custom soil blends. We use square foot gardening techniques and symbiotic/companion planting techniques to maximize production.

4×8′ Cedar Raised bed with soil and plants (Custom sizes are available)

Optional Add-Ons

Drip Irrigation
Cold Frame
Shade & Protective Covering


Sheet Mulch Gardens

Sheet mulching is a way to build gardens that imitates how nature builds soil fertility and diversity.  It is a perfect solution for growing vegetables in the dry, clay-filled soils of our arid mid-latitude steppe climate here in the Front Range.  Not only will it produce high-quality food for your family, it will also improve your soil and regenerate biodiversity in your growing space.

Sheet mulch gardens require less watering, weeding and maintenance than a traditional garden. We source only the finest organic ingredients and recycled materials to build these amazing regenerative gardens.


Food Forests / Edible Ecosystems

An ecosystem is a community of organisms (plants, animals and microbes) that interact as a system and are linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows.  We design and build edible ecosystems that focus on closed-loop, food-producing, self-sustaining systems with interacting organisms that include fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, native grasses, ground covers, fungi, earthworms, and a myriad of pollinators.

These systems require only watering and occasional composting/natural fertilizing, and will thrive well past one growing season, transforming your outdoor space into a natural wildlife refuge.

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