Full Site Design

Our full site design package will explore all aspects of your site, and provide you with a professional map of the elements that we offer.

Full site design includes landscape & hardscape design, plus regenerative elements like rainwater harvesting, food forest polycultures, annual gardens, chickens & other food production systems.  We pour our hearts into these designs and we know that you will love watching your property transform into a food-producing oasis!

Schedule a phone consult to discuss your property, and we can schedule an on-site consult to kick off your full site design!


Free Phone Consultation

If you are interested in learning about the permaculture landscape design process and would like to discuss a full site design for your property, we’d love to chat with you!

Please schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation today!


On-Site Consulting

We offer landscape design + consulting for any of your home & garden needs. Contact us to schedule an initial consult, and together we can explore how permaculture can regenerate your life!

On-site consults are billed at $75/hour and include:
– walk-thru of your site
– shade and sunlight analysis
– rainwater runoff analysis
– garden placement recommendations
– plant species recommendations
– discussion of building options