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Greenhouses & Coldframes

Extend your season of fresh food!

Greenhouses, coldframes, and other enclosed structures offer a wide variety of controlled microclimates for year-round food production. They can be used to start seeds in the spring and keep fresh greens growing into winter. Contact us to learn about our network of professional greenhouse installers.

Types of structures we offer:

  • Coldframes
  • Simple Hoop House
  • Passive Greenhouse
  • Geodesic Dome
  • Walipini & Thermal Mass Greenhouse
  • Passive Heating and Cooling – Climate Battery

  • Extend your growing season by months, and with some structures, enjoy year-round harvest
  • A great space for aquaponics
  • Escape to a warm tropical getaway in the winter
Geodesic Dome and greenhouse

Geodesic Dome



greenhouse extend growing season