Our Company

Backyard Revolutions seeks to help others recreate the lost connection with our food sources through education and building contained food systems in local backyards. We believe in the holistic philosophy of permaculture to heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet.  The foundation of our company philosophy is “Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.” We put the earth first in all of our practices, and we pay our staff a living wage so that everyone involved in every project benefits greatly from a mutual respect of the planet and each other.

Our expertise and passion for permaculture bring a wide range of knowledge and skills to the table, including aquaponics, green building, backyard chickens, plant science and symbiosis, water efficiency, food forests, education, and community building.

bio_RyanRyan Henry

Founder / Director
Permaculture Designer & Builder

Ryan’s expertise includes:
Backyard Chickens
Food Forests
Natural Building


Our Biggest Fans

“They have completed 2 projects at our home and we are 100% happy with their work! We can’t wait to finish the rest of the yard.” -Linda Titus
“We are very excited for this opportunity to learn, and to grow our own veggies for our community. Thanks for the sharing and inspiration.” – Maureen Te Ruki, Street School, Tulsa, OK